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Medical form and waiver

  • You must dress appropriately for exercise.

  • Have water ready at the start of the class.

  • If you are postnatal you must have been signed off by your GP or midwife at your 6 week check and given the OK to exercise. This is 12 weeks for those who have had a C-section.

I hereby understand and acknowledge that classes and training with BPM Fitness Limited may expose me to risks, including accidents, injury or even death.

Your pledge to us:

  • I will not attend if I am unwell.

  • I will not attend if I have any Covid19 symptoms or have been tested positive for Covid19 even if asymptomatic. This is because of the effect exercise can cause to the respiratory system, as even if you are currently asymptomatic, becoming out of breath and exerting the muscles can bring on complications during this time.

  • I will only ever exercise within my capabilities. If I have any medical conditions, injuries, illnesses or pregnancies, new, current or old, I will notify my instructor.

  • I have never been advised that I have any pre-existing heart conditions or blood pressure related issues.

  • I accept full responsibility for any injury or death of myself or my child, that may result from the participation in any activity with BPM Fitness Limited in any of the locations for classes or training.

  • If I ever feel unwell during a training session or class, I will notify my instructor.

  • I am physically fit and mentally capable of performing the physical activity I choose to participate in/I have been advised I can do so by my doctor.

  • I agree to participate in exercise which will challenge me and push me to my limits.

  • When participating in classes I will behave appropriately to ensure I do not harm myself or others.



During my pregnancy I have not:

  • Experienced any spotting or bleeding.

  • Got an incompetent cervix or placenta previa.

  • Been faint or dizzy when exercising.

  • Had any unexplained abdominal pain.

  • Had persistent headaches.

  • Experienced sudden swelling, pain or redness in my hands, feet, ankles or legs.

  • Had failure to gain weight after 5 months.

  • Had evidence of a intrauterine growth restriction.

  • Had absence of foetal movement after 6 months.

  • Got a high order pregnancy: having triplets or more that 3 babies in this pregnancy.

  • Got ruptured membranes (waters broken).

  • Got pregnancy-induced diabetes, hypertension or pre-eclampsia.

  • Got uncontrolled type 1 diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, other serious cardiovascular, respiratory or systemic disorder.

  • Got a history of spontaneous miscarriage or premature labour in previous pregnancies.

If I have any other condition not mentioned above I will inform my instructor before the start of the class to make sure I am able to participate.

Babies and Children:

  • I am solely responsible for keeping my child safe during the entirety of the session/class. Including if they wish to join in any of the exercises including use of any equipment.

  • I am solely responsible for my child and all of their actions. I will ensure that they are behaving and not being disruptive. This includes my child’s actions towards others, the equipment and location.


  • I understand that some music played will not be censored.


  • I agree to allow BPM Fitness Limited, its employees and associates to photograph/film any activities that I participate in and for these to be used on social media and for marketing purposes.


  • I understand and agree that payments must be made in advance and I must give 24 hours’ notice of any cancellation otherwise full payment of that session/class will be incurred.


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