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Miyamoto Musashi is the author of "The Book of Five Rings," a guide to the subtle art of fighting and sword making. In the 1590s, Musashi, who took the name "Miyamoto," traveled from Edo (Tokyo) to Kyoto, where he became involved in the Tendai Sect of Buddhism and earned the rank of abbot. His contributions to the sect included writing the "Nihon Ryoho", which synthesized his knowledge of samurai fighting techniques and the principles of Buddhism. He became a master swordsman and author of the "Shinkage ryu", a form of kendo. In the 1620s, Miyamoto helped to create a new Japanese military order called "Bushido," which emphasized self-discipline, ethics, and the will to live. Musashi and his followers sometimes referred to this ideal as "the way of the samurai." Meanwhile, the Tokugawa government of Edo (Tokyo) had emerged as the dominating political force in Japan and appointed its first shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, in 1603. The Tokugawa shogunate encouraged Bushido in order to unify the country. Musashi established the "School of the Sword" (jodo) in 1613 to teach samurai how to fight with various weapons. During the early 17th century, he published a collection of his essays on the subtle art of swordsmanship, including "The Book of Five Rings". This book, compiled from essays, arguments, and personal experiences, was the first comprehensive treatise on the art of swordfighting. It was a guide to the correct way of fighting and has influenced the theory and practice of martial arts ever since. More than three centuries after Musashi's death, swordmaster Akira Maeda, based on the writings of Miyamoto, founded the "Shinkage ryu" - the current school of kendo. The Complete Book of Zen.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf) or view presentation slides online. A comprehensive compendium of the writings of the founder of Zen Buddhism, Dogen Zenji, explores Dogen's view of his own teaching and his theological views of Buddhism, religion, practice, and enlightenment. Dogen Zenji is best known for his writing "Genjo koan," a collection of fifty of his most important teachings. "Genjo koan" is generally thought of as a collection of koans - enigmatic questions or statements posed by an author, which the reader must come to



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Illibrodei5anellipdfdownload (Latest)
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