Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

Yoga and Fitness Classes

Pregnancy, Postnatal Recovery & Beyond.......

MotherTime offers you a range of classes for the different stages of motherhood, that focus on you whilst also accommodating and adapting for your children. Whether you are pregnant, postnatal or a mum with older children, our classes are designed to help you recover, strengthen and develop a good personal practice, creating space for you and making new friends. 

Classes provide an opportunity to talk openly with the teacher and other mums about on-going issues. Class sizes are kept small in order to allow you and the teacher to get to know one another.

We hold classes online because we know how difficult it can be to get out of the house sometimes, when time for yourself  can be hard to find. By eliminating travel time and hassle, we make it easier to join our community, all you need is a space on the floor, a mat and toys to entertain your little ones.