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Active/Hypnobirthing Workshop

With Lolly Stirk

September 8th

09:00 - 13:00

This unique four-hour online workshop for women and their birthing partners is informative, practical and confidence-building. Knowledge is power and you will gain a good understanding of how your body works during labour and birth and how to cooperate with and encourage this innate and evolved process to flow.


Your environment has an enormous influence on the way you birth and Lolly pays particular attention to educating your partner on how to hold and protect your space. She will draw on her many years as a doula, yoga teacher, certified hypnobirther and childbirth educator to provide you with the tools for working together before and during the birth. You will learn how to release tension and fear though education, breathwork, visualisation, movement and massage.


You will be given reading references and leaflets for additional information as well a hypnobreathing script. Across the four hours we will look at:

- Hypnobreathing, sounding and visualisation for labour and birth

- Environmental factors that complement the release of birth hormones

- Gravity-assisted positions and movements for labour and birth


There will be a maximum of 10 couples attending this workshop, giving time for individual questions. Ideally, this workshop should be taken in the third trimester of pregnancy, but can be taken at any time. Attending Lolly’s online pregnancy yoga classes online through MotherTime on Thursday evening 19:00-20:30 will complement and embed the benefits of the workshop.


Please note, due to the intimacy of the conversations and in order to maintain a safe space, we ask that you keep your camera on throughout the session. This workshop does not come with access to a recording.

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