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black woman postnatal yoga recovery class, with baby

Postnatal Yoga

With Claire Whitman - Monday, 11.15am - 12.30pm

This yoga practice focuses on recovery postpartum, which takes time and good care. We take things gently, realigning and strengthening your body and mind. What happens in each class will depend on your babies but whatever we cover, these classes will help you regain some peace and calm in your life.

Classes start with a check-in with each new mother, to see how you and your baby are doing. We may have a discussion about feeding, sleeping or other baby-related topics, you can share tips and support each other too.  We aim to help you recover from every kind of birth, reclaiming your body postpartum. We are all different, and it is vital to be kind to yourself postnatally, especially whilst caring for your newborn. Postnatal yoga helps you regain confidence, core strength and alignment. Your body has changed to accommodate your growing baby and recovery from every kind of birth takes time; repairing skin, soft tissue and strengthening muscles safely and slowly helps to avoid diastasis recti and prolapse long term.

Postnatal classes are suitable from minimum 6 weeks postpartum, 8 weeks post-Caesarean birth, or when you feel ready.

All our classes provide an opportunity to talk openly with the teacher and other mums about ongoing issues. Class sizes are kept small to allow you and the teacher to get to know one another.

We hold classes online because we know how difficult it can be to get out of the house sometimes when time for yourself can be hard to find. By eliminating travel time and hassle, we make it easier to join our community, all you need is a space on the floor, a mat and toys to entertain your little ones. If you are ever late, to want to just join us for the yoga part, that's fine too.

All yoga classes are recorded, with the camera only focused on the teacher. We cut out the chat at the beginning and make the yoga class available for a week on our website for those paying on a monthly subscription.

Please email us to enquire about concessions.

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