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The MotherTime Story

Who we are and what we offer

MotherTime is an online community for pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Lolly Stirk and Claire Whitman have joined forces, combining their many years of teaching experience to share their expertise with mothers far and wide. They are both highly qualified yoga teachers and doulas and are passionate about passing on their knowledge and supporting women during this extraordinary and transformative time of life. Through MotherTime they teach regular pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes, as well as Active Birth/Hypnobirthing workshops for women and their partners to prepare together for the birth of their babies. We also work with experts such as lactation consultants, midwives, osteopaths, homeopaths, baby massage teachers... people whom we know and recommend, and who are part of our longstanding birth community 

MotherTime was founded by Claire Whitman, originally conceived as a postnatal workshop for new mothers; a nurturing space which offered support, connection and nourishing yoga to aid recovery postpartum,  precious  time for mothers, thus 'MotherTime'

In 2020 the pandemic irrevocably changed pregnancy & postnatal support and Claire's yoga classes moved online. Through connecting with mothers virtually and hearing that the classes were a lifeline for them, Claire realised that providing the ability to stay connected and not feel isolated at home was vital. Teaching online has meant being able to connect with women all around the world, thus the creation of MotherTime online has allowed us to support even more women globally. Women can join from the comfort of their own homes, often a bonus when pregnant, or caring for newborns. 

Realising the huge benefit of this online support Claire then joined forces with other teachers to expand the MotherTime community and offer more classes and workshops, thus, keeping the knowledge flowing. MotherTime is a space you can trust, we have decades of teaching experience and accumulated wisdom between us. We are committed to helping women prepare and recover from birth well, to birth with knowledge and confidence and to feel empowered to make informed decisions where necessary.

We are here for you, sharing, supporting and passing our birth wisdom down the generations... woman to woman.  

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