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Yoga Classes

MotherTime offers a range of classes for the different stages of motherhood. We allow space in all our classes to talk and share, then lead a specific, nourishing hour of yoga, working with gravity, movement and the breath.  Whether you are pregnant, postnatal or a mum with older children, our classes are beneficial to your mind and body and encourage you to develop a good personal practice and self-care.

Regular attendance to these classes will ensure maximum benefit on all levels.

You will need a yoga mat & space to move, a belt or scarf, a couple of foam blocks or cushions, a bolster, (wonderful for yoga, useful for breastfeeding & stopping babies from rolling off beds too), a blanket and a delicious smell in the room can be lovely too...

pregnancy yoga class

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga helps prepare you physically and emotionally for labour and birth. A specific yoga practice which focuses on the breath and movement in preparation for labour, strengthens core birthing muscles and helps alleviate backache and other pregnancy aches and pains.

With Claire Whitman -Monday 19:00 - 20:30

With Lolly Stirk - Wednesday 19:00 - 20:30 

postnatal recovery yoga online class with baby

Postnatal Yoga

The yoga practice focuses on postpartum recovery, from every kind of birth. We take things gently, realigning and strengthening your body and mind. We help you to reconnect with your body and give you the time and space needed to recover well. You can attend with or without your babies, we work around their needs.

With Claire Whitman - Monday, 11:15am - 12.30pm


Rise & Shine - yoga for all

 Roll out of bed and join Claire on the mat for deep nourishing yoga to start your day well. We will start lying down, focusing on gentle breath work & movement to release tension. We will gradually work upwards, and end with some standing positions, good for balance and strength. 
You will need a mat, a belt and a bolster or cushions for support. 
Pyjamas fine 

with Claire Whitman Tuesdays 8 till 9am

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