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Regular MotherTime workshops are held by Lolly and Claire and other guest teachers to provide a deep and personal knowledge base on a particular topic. Keep an eye on this page for new workshops added in the future!

A couple in meeting in a birth pool their new born baby immediately postpartum

Active/Hypnobirthing Workshop
With Lolly Stirk

With Lolly Stirk

This unique four-hour online workshop for women and their birthing partners is informative, practical and confidence-building. Knowledge is power and you will gain a good understanding of how your body works during labour and birth and how to cooperate with and encourage this innate and evolved process to flow. Your environment has an enormous influence on the way you birth and Lolly pays particular attention to educating your partner on how to hold and protect your space.

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Sunday May 19th 09.00 -13.00

a pregnant woman asleep , prenatal sleep workshop

Prenatal Sleep Workshop
With Dianne Oram

Sleep issues during pregnancy can be an ongoing concern for many new mums to be. Nausea, an influx of pregnancy hormones, cramping, and reflux are just a few of the potential factors triggering poor sleep and resulting in daytime tiredness, physically and mentally. This workshop is full of helpful tips to ensure that you get the best sleep and rest possible during your pregnancy. Including 12 top tips to improving your relationship with sleep, a restorative yin yoga practice and meditation.

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Sunday May 5th 16:30 - 18:30

A couple with there newborn baby after their wonderful natural home birth

Exploring Home Birth
With Natalie Meddings & Claire Whitman

A two hour online workshop for pregnant women and partners to explore the idea of a home birth.

Natalie and Claire will use their experiences as doulas, teachers and mothers to discuss birthing in the comfort of your own home… safe, relaxed, undisturbed and unobserved. Whilst illustrating the huge advantages of having a home birth, they will also discuss the realities, practicalities and the safety aspects of the process. Deciding where you want to birth is an incredibly important decision, so come and explore home birthing with women who have a wealth of experience in this informative, encouraging and interactive workshop.

Next session: Monday 26th February 20:00 - 22:00

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