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Postnatal Yoga Catch-up

with Claire Whitman

Catch-up video for Claire's Monday postnatal yoga class, available to those paying via a monthly subscription for this class. 

Please ensure you have read our disclaimer below before watching.

postnatal yoga class with baby
Postnatal Yoga Catch Up

Postnatal Yoga Catch Up

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By utilising the MotherTime catch-up classes, you do so at your own risk. MotherTime and the teachers do not accept any responsibility for any individual who may be participating in a catch-up class.As the class is pre-recorded the teacher cannot see you and cannot offer modifications or alternatives for physical conditions, therefore if anything causes you discomfort, pain, or does not feel right please stop.By accessing these videos you take responsibility for your own yoga practice. By being a MotherTime monthly subscriber you will have filled out our medical form in which you accepted our yoga disclaimer which can be accessed below.

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