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Welcome to MotherTime Recommends

Since my daughter was born, back in 2019, my MeTime has reduced dramatically. Now, when I get those precious moments where the baby is sleeping or my husband is looking after her, I find myself doing yet another load of laundry, cleaning up the kitchen or lying down on our bed and staring at the ceiling in exhaustion.

Before I became a mum, I used to have hobbies. Nothing serious but I read a lot of books, I watched award winning movies and TV. I cooked, I listened to podcasts. And as my daughter got older and my routine got more established, I found ways to fit in what I loved around it.

So when I took her for a walk, I would listen to a podcast or music (only one headphone in, the other ear listening out for her!). I would get into bed 15 minutes earlier so I could read a chapter or two of my book. I would search for simple but healthy recipes whilst feeding her. Any time you can snatch where you are doing something you enjoy counts as MeTime these days.

But I struggled with keeping up with everything. New podcasts would pass me by, the Oscar nominees would be announced and I'd realise I hadn't even heard of some of them and cooking too often got replaced by ordering takeaway.

So we are here to help. We will be posting regular suggestions of podcasts to listen to, books to read, tv shows to watch, recipes to make as well as social media accounts to follow onto our social media and once a month we will round up the best in a blog post.

Feel free to share your own recommendations - if you mention MotherTime, we will repost to our feed and make sure you appear on our monthly round up.

We want to support you and keep you happy. Finding some MeTime and focusing some attention on yourself as well as your baby is key to that. Remember, you aren't just Mummy and your needs matter too.

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